about six squirrel studios

Six Squirrel Studios is a full-service, web-based, audio and video production company. With Over 10 years of Experience, Our company Continues To use the latest audio/video design and production techniques to help your program become what you want it to be.

Our method is simple: you record your content and email it to us or upload it to the web. We then process and edit your files according to your specifications and can post it to iTunes, Google, Stitcher, and/or YouTube as well as to where it will be available on all platforms for either viewing, listening, or downloading.

Want background music to play while you do your advertisements? No problem.

Want add in a sound effect or a shot transition at a certain point? We can do that!

Need a logo designed for your show that meets all sharing criteria? We can do that!

we can even get your show’s logo made into merchandise to sell on our store Powered By Threadless!

All of this is possible with a low, one-time, start-up fee where we include taking care of all your technical and web-based set-up. After that, you are billed for each hour of final product, not for each hour of work spent during the editing process.

That means if your show is one hour long, but takes 3 hours to edit, it costs you the same as if your show is one hour long and takes 3 days to edit. That is the Six Squirrel Studios advantage over high-end production companies which do not specialize in web-based content: we don’t charge you per hour of editing work.

Find out more of what Six Squirrel Studios can do for you. Email:

Be sure to include your contact information, the type of show you want to create and how often you want to do it. We’ll get back to ASAP and go from there!

Don “Sweets” Salzarulo, Founder

Six Squirrel Studios