About Us

Six Squirrel Studios is a full-service, web-based, audio and video production company specializing in mini-series and episodic podcasting. Our company uses the latest audio/video design and production techniques, as well as state-of-the-art software, to give your program the best sounding audio and the best looking video, on the internet.

Our method is simple: you record your raw content and email it to us here at Six Squirrel Studios. We then process and edit your files according to your specifications and can post it to iTunes, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, and/or YouTube as well as to SixSquirrelStudios.com where it will be available on all platforms for either viewing, listening, or downloading.

Want background music to play while you do your advertisements? No problem.

Want a sound effect or a shot transition at a certain point? We can do that!

We can get you set up with a custom RSS feed if you don’t have one already. Need a logo designed for your show that meets iTunes and Google Play Music’s criteria? We can do that as well.

All of this is possible with a low, one-time, start-up fee. After that, you are billed for each hour of final product, not for each hour of work spent during the editing process. That means if your show is one hour long, but takes 3 hours to edit, it costs you the same as if your show is one hour long and takes 3 days to edit. That is the Six Squirrel Studios advantage over high-end production companies which do not specialize in podcasting: we don’t charge you per hour of editing work.

Find out more of what Six Squirrel Studios can do for you. Email: SixSquirrelStudios@gmail.com

Be sure to include your contact information, the type of production you want to create and how often you want to produce a show. We’ll get back to ASAP and go from there!

Don Salzarulo, Founder

Six Squirrel Studios