Episode 42 - ESPN 30 For 30: Nature Boy


On this very special episode of HDTGB Zane & Jake sit down to discuss the recent debut of the ESPN 30 for 30 entitled “Nature Boy”. Jake is very close to the subject material because of his time working with Ric Flair during his partnership with Highspots.com. Zane is also very close to the subject material because he too jerks off twice a day and has 10 beers a day for years at a time.

This documentary is very much a sanitized version of some of the dark aspects of Flair’s career and personal life. In this podcast Jake tries to go a bit deeper and dig into the psychology of the Nature Boy and why he chooses to do the things that he does. At  times during this podcast Jake's opinion doesn’t paint Ric in the best light but it is an honest and personally portrayal of man who really did sacrifice everything for professional wrestling. A man who lived life as if everyday was his last and searched for love and attention from the whole world.