Episode 20 - Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling 5/16/98

On this episode of HDTGB comedian Matt Barrentine sits down with Zane & Jake to discus Night 2 of Pennsylvania Mania for Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling. This show has future & at the time current WWE superstars, soon to be ECW superstars, Indy Wrestling Darlings and Wrestlers who may or may not be from the Middle East. The wrestling may provide a lot of highs on this episode but the lows on this video do not disappoint. Congratulations Mr. Oh LaLa you have stolen our hearts #SextonHardcastleRocks

You can watch this wrestling show on the HighspotsWrestlingNetwork.com which is also the sponsor of this episode of HDTGB.   In doing so the HighspotsWrestlingNetwork.com are offering a Free Month of the Network for HDTGB listens when you use the promo code: HDTGB

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