Episode 22 - World Wrestling Coalition - (4/28/00)

On this episode of HDTGB comedian Bryan Penn sits down with Zane & Jake to discuss World Wrestling Coalition.  A show from the post Y2K world where there will be no T&A and bad language BUT plenty of eye candy & non consensual sexual advances on a child in a church bathroom. This show asks more questions than it answers. Such as, Is The Plague, The Mauler & Black the same person and what does Wacky Wayne Woo mean he holds up 3 fingers as says read between the lines??? But we can one attempt to answer one question at a time and the hosts and guest need to stay focus and answer the question at hand, How Did This Get Booked ?!?

You can watch this wrestling show on the HighspotsWrestlingNetwork.com which is also the sponsor of this episode of HDTGB.   In doing so the HighspotsWrestlingNetwork.com are offering a Free Month of the Network for HDTGB listens when you use the promo code: HDTGB

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