Episode 34 - GLOW on Netflix

Ever since it was released every one of Jake & Zane’s non wrestling friends have been asking, “What do you think about the new Netflix original series, GLOW”? Instead of answering everyone individually these two decided to use their moderately sized platform to answer that question all at once in detail. Put quite simply this is the best thing these two will ever talk about on this podcast. BUT instead of gushing over this fantastic program for over an hour, which they could have done very easily. Jake found one of the only negative reviews for Netflix series and picked it a part piece by piece. Some what out of spite because the review spoiled one of the major plot twist in the first episode WITHOUT GIVE A SPOILER ALERT.  Speaking of, SPOILER ALERT this episode contains SPOILERS so do not listen to this episode without watching GLOW on Netflix which we highly recommend that you do because it’s awesome. 

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