Episode 36 - The Jesse Ventura Story

On this episode of HDTGB pro wrestler & former Minnesota resident, Sojo Bolt joins Zane & Jake to discuss a NBC TV movie of the week, The Jesse Ventura Story. This movie was made & aired less than 8 months after Ventura won the election to become the governor of Minnesota and it shows. Jake did more research for this podcast than the writers of this movie did for the script. But the most disturbing part of the whole film is they got an actor with the least amount of accent to play a guy with the most amount of accent. 

After the discussion of the movie ends the trio tries to answer the real question,” Was Jesse Ventura a good Governor”? Sojo actually lived in Minnesota during Ventura’s tenure and even voted for him. But when she looks back she recalls a incident when Ventura’s government cuts affected her personally. Jake on the other hand comes to this podcast with a manifesto level of documents & print outs that would make Ventura blush. 

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