Episode 35 - WCW New Blood Rising

On this episode of HDTGB comedian & improvisor, Kevin Delgado sits down with Zane & Jake to discuss WCW’s replacement for Road Wild, New Blood Rising.  Kevin’s only prior knowledge of pro wrestling was the death of Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit. So, making him watch WCW’s New Blood Rising completes the pro wrestling tragedy hat trick. In typical WCW 2000 fashion the PPV is named after a faction that has already dissolved before the PPV. This PPV comes off the heels of the infamous and in Jake’s opinion very creative Bash at the Beach PPV shoot promo by Vince Russo. So, this is at the height of Russo’s hubris and it signals the upcoming fall of WCW. Kevin constantly questions the rules or lack there of in pro wrestling and Jake & Zane have no answers. Mostly because the Canadian Rule Book wasn’t handy.   Luckily though this show is book ended by some very solid matches because who doesn’t love Tank Abbott.

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