Episode 38 - WWE In Your House IV: Great White North

On this episode of HDTGB comedian/musician Normal Dennis returns to join Zane & Jake as they discuss WWE's 4th installment of the In Your House PPV series, The Great White North. Since the last time Dennis was on the podcast he has dipped his toe in the professional wrestling pool and has watched a little bit of it in his spare time. Although he hasn't seen much wrestling he still has seen enough to know that In Your House 4 is not good. In fact, some people who may or may not be Vince McMahon would call this PPV, "Horrible". Say what you will about the PPV it is a historic one. This PPV includes the debut of a future hall of famer in Goldust, the shortest IC Title reign ever and the most no sells of a DDT on a wrestling show ever. Please note that this episode of HDTGB may not be as awesome as Jerry Lawler's mullet was on this PPV but it's still pretty good. 

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