Episode 49 - Billy Jack Haynes - The Conspiracy Theory

CAUTION: This episode contains very sensitive subjects that are discussed very poorly. 

On this episode of HDTGB podcaster, Ryan Howard joins Zane & Jake to discuss An Interview with a Psychopath otherwise known as Billy Jack Haynes - The Conspiracy Theory.  BOMBSHELL TONIGHT!!!  We had to bring a wrestling fan on for this one in hopes that the guest wouldn’t be too lost and that failed miserably.  Billy Jack is out of his mind but he maybe on to something when it comes to the Chris Benoit tragedy. To best explain this podcast you have to see the movie, Manhunter. Basically, Jake is Will Graham, Chris Benoit is the Francis Dollarhyde and Billy Jack Haynes is Hannibal Lecter. This analogy maybe more confusing than Jake’s whole theory. Either way do yourself a favor and watch Michael Mann’s Manhunter. This podcast you can take or leave unless you want to hear a never before discussed theory about the last days of Chris Benoit.

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