Episode 48 - FWE No Limits 2013

On this episode of HDTGB comedians Ramon Perez & Kaleigh Cutright join Zane & Jake to discuss a wholesome family wrestling show filled with “Holy Shit” chants entitled, Family Wrestling Entertainment No Limits 2013.  This podcast is filled with voice masking filters, physical act outs and plugs for Tom Segura’s new Netflix special, Disgraceful. All the things you would expect from a podcast release. Unfortunately all the Brooklyn hipsters that came out to this show will not be listening to this episode because it’s not produced by WNYC studios. Which is fine with us because they may get triggered by the shots that are fired by Kaleigh Cutright at Maria Kanellis. You have been warned. Also seriously please make sure you watch Tom Segura’s new Netflix special, Disgraceful.

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