Episode 51 - WWF: Brains Behind the Brawn

On this episode of HDTGB comedian, Crystalle Ramey returns to discuss another Coliseum Home Video release, Brains Behind the Brawn. We can’t remember what show Crystalle reviewed last time so we don’t know if this is a step up or not but there is definitely more Bobby “The Brain” Heenan involved in this episode. In fact, the title of this video could be The Best of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan  or  “Bobby “The Brain” Heenan Dabbles Around in the Slave Trade. Jake is barely holding it together after being sleep deprived all week but he does come up with a million dollar idea that surely someone will steal. But sometimes you have to Face the Facts. Even though Jake is in a tailspin Zane feels it is good time to test their friendship. Thankfully Crystalle is there to be the Miss Elizabeth to these two Mega Powers.

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