Episode 54 - RAW Bowl

In this episode of HDTGB comedian Evan Pittfield returns to huddle up with Zane & Jake and score a touchdown with the RAW Bowl. FOOTBALL PUNS!!! DEAL WITH IT!!! This hour long episode of Monday Night RAW almost rekindled Jake & Zane’s childhood love affair with professional wrestling while Evan remains unmoved by pro wrestling. But those Football Puns tho. This episodes does raise a serious question, Does Vince McMahon know the differences between the NCAA & NAACP? One thing is for sure we are lucky to have the Raw Bowl on the network and in our lives in general. As we see in this episode we are also lucky that Triple H didn’t die from Trichinosis. Make sure you take a time out and listen to this week’s episodes of How Did This Get Booked on the RAW Bowl. FOOTBALL PUNS!!!

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