Episode 29 // A, B, C... 1, 2, 3...

Are you taking the time for yourself to sit and truly think about what you’re doing with your life?

Get your lighters up and kick back as we take it all in, on this week’s Smoke Break. 

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Episode 28 // “Is the nest half empty, or half full?"

“Is the nest half empty, or half full?”

September has arrived and BIG changes are happening.... It’s time to get our SHIZNIT together through college move in day,  doctors appointments, car troubles and Mental health awareness. 

Lighters WAY UP! 

Episode 27 // Working it out

Lighters up this week as we descend down the rabbit hole... going deep and focusing on what’s ahead, while reflecting on how far we’ve already come.

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Episode 26 // “Be Who You Are”

Lighters up y’all!!!!

The following message is for anyone who needs to hear it.... take what resonates, leave behind what doesn’t. 

Episode 25 // Back to the Basics

Lighters up, as we dive head first down the rabbit hole, into the abyss of the great unknown... kicking fear in the teeth along the way.

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Episode 23 // PSA & VACATION!!!

Lighters up as we go over some pro tips on dealing with a high bun... followed by some other cool stuff and what not.

Episode 22 // "School’s OUT..."

…but this #SmokeBreak is now in session! 

Get your lighters ready as we prepare for take off...

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Episode 17 // Lighters up for SBS

What starts off as a PSA with Lady J, turns into a breakthrough as we realize the world has lost another Warrior battling his inner demons. 

Lighters up for SBS. 

Episode 16 // Ooops, I did it again...

Ooops, I did it again... 

Sometimes my brain is in overdrive and goes off the rails.. but in the best way ever... So treat yo self and make sure to have the lighters ready for this one y’all. 

Just do it. 

Episode 15 // Time to Level UP!

Short and sweet this week #Smokers... 

What do you do when good things start to “happen” in your life? 

Time to Level UP!

Episode 14 // With some Sniffles along the way...

Buckle up #Smokers and prepare to have some truth Bombs dropped on this weeks episode. Get those lighters up and be ready for a bumpy ride, with some

Sniffles along the way... 


Episode 13 // Time to get real... real quick. 

Time to get real... real quick. 

This week, we fall down the rabbit hole and examine authenticity, in the eye of the beholder. We discuss skeletons in the closet and ask what it means if a dude doesn’t return your panties when you call it quits. 

Plus, some other stuff.

Episode 12 // HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Welcome back #Smokers.. it’s time to get down to business and make some positive changes in life.

It’s been a rough few months y’all, but I’m back and ready to find the funny, even during the darkest moments.

Episode 11 // Goodbye September!!

What’s up Smokers?!?

It’s time to Bust out your lighters and fuzzy flannel shirts as we take a Smoke Break to welcome in October and happily kiss September goodbye!! 

Join me as we find the funny and hold ourselves accountable.